Pursue your love of horses in a Relaxed & Friendly atmosphere
at Meadowlarke Stables

Group Lesson are not only a great way to advance your skills as a rider,
but also a great way to make life long friends that share your same passion for horses.

Students are placed into groups with other riders with similar horse/riding experience.  We offer group lesson from the Beginner to Advanced rider.

These levels build on the skills acquired in the Learn to Ride Program.  Lessons run on the Calendar Month, and students build on their skills from week to week.  As your skill level progresses so will your level.  Our main focus is Hunter/Jumper – riders can expect to start jumping courses as their skill level increases.

Ages:  8 & up

Levels 2 to 4

1 or 3 Month Package

Students build on their skills week to week.  As their skills progress so will their riding level, which will include cantering and jumping.  Groups consist of 6 riders.
Lesson run on the calendar month, 4 x 1 hour lessons per month

1 Month Fee:  $279 +hst   Register Here – 1 month (Levels 2-4)
3 Months Fee:  $699 +hst  (savings of $138)  Register Here – 3 months (Levels 2-4)

Have you confirmed your lesson time?  Do not register until you know that your lesson time is available.  Email info@meadowlarkestables.com to find out.

Equipment Rental
Helmet/Crop – $29 +hst per month
Boots – $20 +hst per month

Levels 5 and up ~ North location only

In these levels riders have a solid riding foundation and are learning to finesse their skills.  Groups consist of 5 riders
Lessons run on the calendar month, 4 x 1 hour lessons per month

1 Month Fee:  $270 +hst
3 Months Fee:  $575 +hst  (savings of over $113)

Sign up on https://north.meadowlarkestables.com/riding-lesson/group-riding-lessons/

Monthly Student Policies

For safety reasons Meadowlarke Stables Inc. reserves the right to suspend participants, if they or their
associates do not follow staff instructions. No refunds will be given in this case.
BIOSECURITY: For the health and safety of our horses, when you are riding at Meadowlarke Stables,
you must not be also riding or regularly visiting any other stable.
Properly fitted Safety Riding Helmets and Riding Boots are mandatory to participate in a program.
Meadowlarke Stables offers rental of the following size ranges for helmets & boots:
Helmets – 6 5/8 – 7 3/8 ( metric 20 1/2 – 23 1/8 ) Boots – Children’s 12 – Men’s 11 ( metric 30-44 )
If you do not fit or are uncertain if you fit this size range, please advise the office upon registration.
Participation in the program is dependent on a properly fitted ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet, and English riding boots (rain boots, cowboy boots, fashion boots etc. are not acceptable forms of footwear)

Meadowlarke Stables reserves the right to not offer lessons to those persons who they feel will be
detrimental to the horse’s well being due, to their height, balance and/or weight
All personal tack that is planned for use on Meadowlarke Stables horses must first be approved by
Meadowlarke Stables to determine it’s comfort & suitability to our horses and the rider.
There is a $25.00 plus HST charge for a saddle fitting appointment. Any un-approved tack may not be used.

Lesson schedules are subject to change at any time
We do experience the most changes in the months of January, May & October due to the start of new programs.
Notification of schedule changes due to holidays, horse shows, 5th Weeks etc.
on our Website, it is your responsibility to be aware of these changes.

Students are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled lesson time and stay 30 minutes after. This time is allocated for grooming and tacking/untacking of their horse. Students who do not arrive 30 minutes prior may not be permitted to ride in the lesson. Students who do not properly groom and/or tack their horse will be sent back into the barn to properly do so before being able to participate in their lesson.
HORSE ASSIGNING: Meadowlarke Stables’ staff will assign your horse. If you decide not to ride the assigned horse, no refund or make up class will be given.

Class Cancellations & Make-Ups
** Your lesson time is reserved for you. 24 hours notice is required to cancel a class.
** Classes cancelled via email with a minimum of 24 hours notice are owed a make-up lesson.
** Make-up lessons are for lessons cancelled with the required 24 hours notice or that the stable has cancelled due to Holidays,
Horse Shows, Inclement Weather or any other unforeseen circumstance. They are scheduled by the student in a class of a similar
level, at another time and possibly day to their regular lesson, in a month in which the student is registered for lessons.
** Make-ups are valid for 1 year from the cancellation date, and must be done during a month that the student is
registered in lessons ( this would mean the student would take 2 lessons in one week – their regular lesson plus the make-up lesson(s) )
** You may cancel/re-schedule a class a maximum of 3 times, after the 3rd cancellation of a specific class no make-up will be provided
** Make-ups are subject to availability.
** It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of the cancelled classes they have owing to book make-ups. Should you require Meadowlarke Stables Inc. to find cancellations that you have not recorded a $30 fee will apply.
** Make-ups may be cancelled by Meadowlarke Stables Inc. if the time spot is purchased by another student for their regular lesson
Make up classes will not be refunded
Classes cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are forfeited with no exceptions

** Re-registration is your responsibility, however we do offer Automatic Re-Registration. Please ask the office for an
Automatic Re- Registration form.
** Your space in the class for the next month is reserved for you until the 15th of the last month in which you are enrolled; after the
15th spaces become available on a first come first served basis.

Withdrawing from Lessons
** If a student cancels out of lessons 8 days prior to the beginning of the month, classes will be refunded, less a $50.00 administration
fee, we can not offer refunds with less than 8 days notice regardless of the circumstance.