Rescued in 2013—she had been used for breeding and was very scared and distrustful.   She had not been handled at all and didn’t even know how to be led.   It took over two years of training before she could be handled and ridden safely.  Adele is now a favorite in our lesson program, teaching riders of all levels.  When outside enjoying her free time Adele can be found with her best friend Sage.


Andy was born in 1994.  He is a  bay thoroughbred gelding.  His show name is ‘Almost Famous’.   Andy has been teaching at Meadowlarke since 2000.  He has shown on the ‘A’ circuit and Challenge Circuits.   In 2004 Andy went lame and was diagnosed with extreme arthritis in his stifles.   The vet suggested euthanasia.  We brought Andy back to Meadowlarke and he had 2 years off.  After that he became sound and has had no stifle trouble since then.   Andy is a fabulous teacher for our beginner riders now.  When outside enjoying his free time he can be found with his long time girlfriend Lily.


Angelina was born in 2008.  She is a chestnut filly.  She was rescued with her friend Destiny, when she arrived at Meadowlarke in Erin she was very thin.  A group of 110 horses were brought up from the US to fatten up for slaughter.  These horses became known as The Georgetown Herd, 100 of the 110 horses were rescued and Angelina was one of them.  Angelina is a tough cookie and likes all the other horses to know – when outside she can often be found telling the other horses to leave her alone, with the exception of her friend Destiny.   Angelina gave birth to a foal in May 2015, who we named Kira.


Apache is an Appaloosa gelding who was born in 1995, and was rescued from slaughter by Meadowlarke Stables. Somebody had loved him before though, because  he was in the auction pen with a fancy nylon halter and his hooves were painted shiny black.  When he first arrived at Meadowlarke he was very rude, he would bulldoze you over and drag you around.  Now Apache is a perfect gentleman and loves to hang his head over the stall door looking for treats.  For many years, Apache & his girlfriend Savannah were the  herd leaders at Meadowlarke Stables – the big boss of all the horses.  During the winter of 2018 Titan took over the title of herd leader, and we decided to retire Apache to Meadowlarke North.  He started off in the ‘old olds’ paddock, but was way to domineering.   So now he is in with the main herd and his best friend is Pinto


Argo was rescued from slaughter when he was just 1 year old.  He is a lovely thoroughbred cross bay gelding.   Argo had a condition where his testicles were not visible, so that combined with his very calm personality made us unaware that he was actually a stallion, that is how he sired Kira and Chanel.  Argo was gelded and is now an active member of our lesson program.  He is an athletic horse and he loves to jump.


Bandit was part of a group of 110 horses sent up from the US to be fattened up and sent for slaughter.  Fortunately 100 of those horses were able to find homes, Bandit finding his here.  He was sick when he came to us, thankfully with some vet care and TLC he recovered.  Bandit is a funny guy, he is a bit of a nervous guy, but then likes everyone to believe he is more nervous than he actually is so he doesn’t have to do as much.  In his free time outside, Bandit can often be seen instigating play time – particularly with Timmy.


Bella had been a Quarter horse broodmare and therefore had little handling before being rescued by Meadowlarke Stables.  She is an extremely pretty little mare with a sweet personality.  Bella loves to jump – it’s her favourite thing to do.

Big Red

Big Red had been a Mennonite horse and was very nervous and anxious around people, after being rescued he was taught how to be ridden and in that time his confidence grew beyond belief.  The term “Gentle Giant” is an understatement for him.  Big Red is extremely sweet and kind to beginners, with a touch a playful.


Carlos was born about 1998, and rescued from slaughter in 2002.  He is a chestnut gelding probably with quarter horse breeding.  At one time in Carlos’ career he would jump around courses and even competed, now he has one gear – slow – making him the perfect fit for the nervous beginner.


Casino is a quarter horse cross bay gelding and was rescued in 2015.   When we first started working with Casino he was extremely frightened of people, and nervous of what they would do to him.  This made the training process a slow and steady one, with what seemed like 2 steps forward and 1 step back.  In the fall of 2017 Casino made his lesson debut at Meadowlarke Stables and handled it like a pro.  Life at a busy barn has been great for him as he is learning to take things in stride and just take a breath.


Chico was rescued from slaughter in 2015 when he was just a yearling, sadly the rest of his family did not end up as lucky as Chico did.  He was given time to mature and grow and went into a training program in 2018.  Spring 2019 Chico joined the riding school at Meadowlarke South.  He is off to a great start and we are excited to see what the future holds for this little man.  Out in the field Chico has grown very fond of TJ – the 2 of them play pretty hard – each trying to show the other they are more macho.


Destiny was part of a group of horses brought up from the US in 2008 to be fattened and sent for slaughter.  Thankfully almost all of those horses found homes, 9 of them here.  Destiny was young and extremely thin when she was rescued with a large leg wound.  Along with her friend Angelina, Destiny was given years to mature, grow and get fat; her leg wound healed only leaving her with a scar.  Destiny is now a favourite in the lesson program at Meadowlarke Stables, and of course still good friends with Angelina.


Duchess is a very pretty thoroughbred cross bay mare, and when rescued was able to be ridden right away.  She got very lucky that we rescued her as her previous owner had sent a note with her saying she needed an experienced rider, from everything we can tell it wasn’t Duchess making the mistakes it was the old rider.  Duchess has gone onto compete for years at our schooling series, as well as several season on The Challenge Series – with many red ribbons.


Ginger was rescued in 2014, she was found online and purchased sight unseen, she was going to slaughter because she had a problem with her front feet.   With the help of our wonderful farrier Doug Buck her feet have improved beyond recognition.    Ginger is a very sweet girl, and found her self a boyfriend pretty quickly in Titan.  Ginger has gone on to become a favourite on the riding school and competed at the Meadowlarke North Series in the jumpers.


Goliath was rescued in 2010 when he was just 4 years.  He is a Friesian cross gelding.  Goliath didn’t even know how to led when we got him and spent a lot of time dragging humans wherever he felt like going.   After much training Goliath has become a favorite of students.     He enjoys jumping and is a true gentle giant


Guiness was born in 1996.  He is a quarter horse cross bay gelding.  Guiness was saved from slaughter by Meadowlarke Stables in 2000.     He has shown on the Trillium circuit  and on the ‘A’ circuit.  Guiness is a serious boy who always tries his best.  At this later stage in his career Guiness is the master of teaching beginners.


Gus is an ex-race horse who  won the heart of one of his jockeys, Emma Jayne-Wilson.  Emma Jayne started riding at Meadowlarke and has gone on to be an acclaimed jockey.  Emma kept track of Gus over his career and when he was no longer racing bought him off his owners.  After giving Gus some time off Emma decided he needed a job and contacted Anthea to see if she would give him a home.  Gus has been a great addition to Meadowlarke Stables.  With his docile personality he has become a favourite of many.


Hudson was rescued in 2013 he had no training when he came and it was a bit of a shock to him to have to do what he was told.  He would sometimes look at you like he was saying ” my job was to eat grass now you want me to do what!”.  Now Hudson has settled in and is a barn favourite.  Hudson loves people and also jumping.


Levi was rescued in 2017.  We think he had been a racehorse.  It took him a long time to calm down.  He learnt how to jump and has gradually become a barn favourite.   Levi is a serious horse that always tries his best.   He is currently at on lease at another barn


Lily was born in 1993.  Her registered name is China Lily.  She is a welsh thoroughbred cross bay mare.  She has been teaching riding at Meadowlarke Stables since 2000.    When Lily first came to Meadowlarke she was a speed demon – she had 2 speeds she liked to go – fast and faster.  After a little bit of time on the school she learned to slow down, and  became a favourite of many.  Lily regularly competed at the Meadowlarke Schooling Series and The Challenge Series.  Lily is now a consummate teacher of beginners.  Lily will almost always be found flanked by her main-man Andy -his love for Lily is remarkable.  Lily is currently living at Meadowlarke North.


Lovey was born in 1998, she is a Arab cross Pinto large pony mare.  Lovey first came to Meadowlarke Stables when she was purchased as a show pony for one of our young riders.  She showed on the Trillium & ‘A’ circuit with her owner Amanda and another young rider Rachel.  Although Lovey was a beautiful show pony – she is a lovely mover and has a beautiful jump – she really did not enjoy jumping the bigger jumps.  In 2010 she joined the riding school and immediately became loved by many.  Lovey even went onto to enjoy competing at the Meadowlarke Schooling competitions and in the lower divisions on The Challenge Series.  Lovey now is the walk, trot, canter master – her smooth gaits make her very comfortable for new riders.


Mocha is a bay Quarter horse mare who was born in 2005.  When Mocha joined the riding school she became the horse to ride – and that is still true almost 10 years later.  Mocha has a great way of going and good jump, combine that with her automatic lead change she becomes a winner.  Mocha has taught so many of our riders how to horse show – we have a saying at the show “let Mocha take the wheel”, she knows her job to a tee and the less we interfere the better she does.  She is a very kind horse that always tries her best.   Mocha has competed at all levels from the Meadowlarke Schooling Series, The Challenge Series and the ‘A’ Circuit – bringing home top year end ribbons everywhere.


Monty is a big boy with a bigger heart.  He has tonnes of personality and is always looking to please.  Monty came to Meadowlarke Stables in the summer of 2018.  He had been in a riding school program at a barn up North and then sold to one of their students.  Tragedy happened in this family and they could no longer keep Monty.  The trainer who originally had Monty wanted to make sure he had a good home, so she bought Monty back from the family, from there she contacted us, knowing we would love Monty as much as she had.  He now is part of the Meadowlarke Family and a great addition to the program.


Pandora was rescued in 2010 by Brightwater stables – she was just a yearling.  She always held a special place in our hearts – Stacey begged Anthea to make a trade with Brightwater as she really wanted Pandora.  After several years Brightwater decided to sell their farm and asked if we could take Pandora, along with Stark and Pippin who were also recused with her.  Obviously we said yes and the rest is history.  Pandora had received a little bit of training which we finished off and she became a member of the riding school.  Pandora is now one of our most called upon competition horses at the Meadowlarke South Series, and has competed on The Challenge Series and Meadowlarke North Series.


Rescued in 2010 as a 2 year old, she is a chestnut quarter horse cross mare.   Paris was part of the Georgetown herd, a group of yearlings and two year olds bought up from the U.S. to fatten prior to slaughter.  Paris is a lovely girl, super sweet and kind.  She is a regular pick at the Meadowlarke Schooling Series, and has competed on the Challenge Series & Meadowlarke North Series in the jumpers.  On May 7, 2015 Paris gave birth to a baby girl name Chanel and was an amazing mother, extremely kind and nurturing to her baby girl.


Pippin was rescued from slaughter in 2010 by Brightwater Farm.   He came to Meadowlarke Stables in 2012 when Brightwater sold their farm.  Pippin has been a wonderful asset to the Meadowlarke team, he is a very sweet guy on the ground making him an excellent horse for timid riders.  After Pippin’s other black and white friend Stark left, he had to find new black and white friends and now can be regularly found hanging out with the cows.


Rex was rescued in 2013, his looks sold him!!  Rex took a long time in training,  he would get very tense and frightened easily.   Since making his debut on the riding school in 2017 he has become a star.  Rex is a taken man, in the summer of 2017 he married his #1 girl Stella.  When we turn the horses in, if Rex gets ahead of Stella, he is a gentleman and waits in the courtyard for her to catch up.


Roxy was rescued in 2010 as a 3 year old.  Roxy was an extremely lucky girl, she ended up coming home with us as a mistaken identity.  Anthea had picked Duchess as one to bid on, and thought that she had been the highest bidder on her, until Duchess then appeared in the ring again to be auctioned. Turns out the first horse was Roxy not Duchess – so they both came home with us.  We couldn’t be more thankful for the mistaken identity as Roxy has become one of the best school horses, great for beginners and advanced riders alike.  Roxy has competed extensively at the Meadowlarke Schooling Series and on the Challenge Series, always with great results.


Sage was rescued in 2013, she had been a broodmare and had not been handled at all.  She did not know how to be led, you could be walking along with her and she would just change course, walking over top of you and then dragging you behind her – that took a little bit to get fixed up.  Sage has since become an absolute sweetheart on the ground – she loves to be groomed and snuggled.  The strong will has never left her though, she stills tries to be the boss sometimes with her riders.  Sage is BFF’s with Adele.  When we turn the horses in, Sage always goes into Adele’s stall with her and they share lunch; at turn out Sage will stand in front of Adele’s stall waiting for her to join before she heads outside.


Savannah was being sold to slaughter because her owner was going to university.  Thankfully she was rescued and came here instead, as we can’t imagine life without Savannah.  She has been a wonderful teacher and competition horse.  Savannah has shown the Meadowlarke Schooling Series, North Series and The Challenge Series.   She is exceptionally kind to her riders, taking very good care of them.


Sienna retired to Meadowlarke North in the Spring of 2019 – she has happily been re-united with the 2 horses she came to Meadowlarke with – Midnight and Tazz.

Sienna was born in 1994, she is a cross bred chestnut mare.  She started teaching riding at Meadowlarke in 1998.  Sienna is a worth her weight in gold, truly one of the best school horses we could have ever asked for.  Sienna was not only a wonder teacher on the school, but she was a great competition horse – competing at the Meadowlarke Schooling Series, The Challenge Series & on the ‘A’ Circuit.  Sienna would sometimes look out of place around the fancy show horses, she was a little bit short and chunky, but once she started to jump around the course look out – she had a wonderful way of going, good jump and easy lead change.  Champion was a regular word in Sienna’s vocabulary.  Sienna has now retired to Meadowlarke North, where she is living with Taz who she was originally rescued with.


Sparkles came to Meadowlarke in the spring of 2008 with her newborn Odie, we estimate she was born around 2005 and is an appaloosa pony.  The story behind Sparkles is this – Anthea went out to buy flowers for outside of the barn, she came home with no flowers but Sparkles and Odie.  Sparkles was extremely nervous of people when she first came, making the training process very long, even after we got her used to people she would still get nervous with a rider.  Thankfully, she learned to trust and is now one of our most favourite ponies among the beginner riders.  Even though Sparkles is a wonderful jumper – she was Reserve Champion at her very first Challenge show – she really does not enjoy jumping, so we keep her to walk, trot, canter lessons.


Stella was rescued in the spring of 2016.  She was going to slaughter because of bad riding, she had become ‘stuck’ by people pulling too much on the reins and using strong bits; and therefore felt she could not travel forward and would become angry.   Stella has been retrained and now is a wonderful addition to the riding school.  Stella is a taken woman – in the summer of 2017 she was center of the wedding of the summer to Rex.  The pair are very sweet together, Rex is always checking in to make sure Stella is doing well.


Timmy was born in 1995 and rescued from slaughter by Meadowlarke in 1999, he is a chestnut small welsh pony gelding.  When he first came he was terrified of everything and had had no training or handling.  When people would try and go near him in his stall he would back away as far as he could.   In 2001 he started showing . On the Trillium circuit he had great success, ending up 2nd overall for the year end awards.  He also showed on the ‘A’ circuit, qualifying and competing at the Royal Winter Fair in 2004.  Timmy is now a great teacher on the riding school, his small size and sweet personality make him loved by so many.


Titan was rescued in 2013, he had formally been a Mennonite horse.  He was being sent to slaughter because he was too slow when pulling the cart to town.  Titan was a very sweet boy right off the bat, with a can do attitude.  He now teaches riders of all levels on the riding school.  Titan has risen up the ranks and has become herd leader, flanked by his girlfriend Ginger, and his best bud Argo


TJ was born in 2008 and is a grey crossbred gelding.  He was part of the  ‘Georgetown herd’ a group of 110 horses that came from the US to Canada to be fattened and slaughtered.   TJ was a very timid boy, TJ stands for Tazz Jr. – Tazz is one of our old show horses that was very spooky – TJ reminded us so much of him with his spookness that we couldn’t resist naming him after Tazz.  Training of TJ took 4 years, when he first was learning to be led it would take 2 people to lead him, and even then he got away sometimes.  In 2013 TJ joined the riding school, and has just gotten better and better.  He has gone on and competed at the Meadowlarke Schooling Series, Meadowlarke North Series and The Challenge Series.


Willow was rescued in 2013.   She was a racing Quarter horse and as happens to a lot of racehorses, when their careers are over they go to slaughter.   At Meadowlarke we retrained her and she has shown very successfully on the Challenge circuit as well as at Meadowlarke North Schooling Series.   Willow always tries her best at whatever she does

Meet Our Rescue Animals


Gretel originally belonged to a young girl that used her in a 4H type program.  When the young lady finished the program they were going to send Gretel for slaughter.  A family that lived down the street had met Gretel and couldn’t imagine her going for slaughter and adopted her.  Gretel became very attached to one of the girls in the family – rumor has it they took naps together in the young girls bedroom.  Unfortunately circumstances forced this family to re-home Gretel and we feel very honored that they choose us to be her next family.  Gretel is a beautiful girl, though not quite as social as her friend Steve.  You will always know when Gretel is on the other side of a door, as she knocks with her hoof to have you open the door.


Moopheous was rescued with his brother Neo from a dairy farm east of Toronto.    He would normally have been sent to a veal farm, where he would have been tied up in a stall alone for between 3 to 6 months, at which time he would have gone to slaughter for veal.    In Moopheous and Neo’s case animal rights activists convinced the farmer to be compassionate and let them be taken to safety.


Neo was born 2 weeks early, the farmer worked hard to make sure he lived.   A lot of dairy calves die because of the stress of being removed from their mothers so young.   The reason they are removed is that humans want their mothers’ milk.    Neo was rescued from being sent to slaughter for veal, he is a very smart steer and loves to run, buck and play with his friend Moopheous.


Phoebe was a dairy cow, and when she no longer produced enough milk was shipped for slaughter; Meadowlarke Stables along with Emma Flemming, rescued her in August 2016.  When she came to Meadowlarke Phoebe was quite timid, she would interact with people, but did not enjoy it.  As time went on she became more trusting of humans.  Phoebe was flourishing in her time at Meadowlarke Stables, gaining weight and confidence.  In February 2017 we discovered her weight gain was not due just to our excellent care 🙂 it was because she was pregnant – unknown to us, we had rescued a pregnant cow.  We were very excited to welcome her daughter Fiona to the family on March 6, 2017.  Phoebe is an amazing mom, she was so lucky to be able to raise Fiona.  In the dairy industry babies are taken from their mothers about 24 hours after they are born.   Fiona grew up and stayed with Phoebe until she was about a year and a half old, then Fiona started spending more time with Thelma and when we had to move Thelma to Meadowlarke North, because of her constant escaping, Fiona went with her and Phoebe enjoys spending her time with the boys Neo and Moopheous.


Thelma was one of our original cows – rescued in the fall of 2013.  Thelma who was originally bred as a beef cow, was rescued with her friend Louis a dairy cow.  The two formed a beautiful friendship over the years.  Thelma was very timid of people when she first arrived at Meadowlarke Stables, as she had not received much handling as a young cow.  Thelma has come a long way over the years, learning that people are not as bad as she once thought.  She is a big fan of bananas and apples – she sticks her long tongue out and wraps it around the fruit in your hand.  Thelma now lives at Meadowlarke North with Fiona – spreading the cow love to another group.  We decided to move Thelma up to the other farm, as she has a bad habit of escaping – she shimmies under the fences to get into the fields that have greener grass.  Unfortunately since we are in such a populated area, we were worried about her shimmying into a bad/unsafe place for her.


Babe was rescued with Rosie in 2010.  Babe lived with us until she passed in 2018 at a very senior age of 13-14.

When rescued Babe was going for slaughter after of lifetime of living in gestation and farrowing crates, producing piglets; because the crates are so small and the pigs can hardly move, lameness is very common.   Babe was lame when she came but after a few weeks of  being out of a cage she stopped having leg pain and was able to walk normally.   Babe was a very friendly and social pig and loved to be the center of attention.  If we could list Babe’s top 4 favourite things it would go this way  1.  Food  2.  Mud Puddles  3.  Sunbathing  4.  Belly/Back Rubs.


Rosie was rescued in 2010 she had been a mother to many piglets.  Rosie lived with us until she passed in 2018 due to a heart condition, we estimate she was  13-14 years old.  She was a lovely pig, with a big personality and naturally calm way of being, don’t let her good nature fool you though, Rosie was the boss pig – she kept everyone in line.  Rosie loved a good back and belly rub, almost as much as she loved a good roll in the mud.


Rescued as a piglet in the spring of 2016, only a couple of weeks old.  Justice had already been taken from his mother.  Justice like all pigs is extremely smart, did you know that pigs are smarter even than dogs.   He loves back rubs and belly scratches – if you get the right spot he will drop down onto his side to give you better belly access.  Justice is extremely sweet and kind – he is much larger than the girl pigs, but truly a gentle giant.


Liberty was rescued with Justice as a very young piglet.   She was sick when she arrived and almost died, her illness left her with a slightly tilted head and weak in her back legs. Despite all this, Liberty is very active and mischievous, breaking into the store on various occasions to steal horse treats!!


DaisyMae has been part of the family since November 2011.  She came to us as a rescue from a duck meat farm.  We originally introduced Ducks to the family as a natural form of fly control – and it’s amazing how well they work, every year we have less and less flies.  DaisyMae is full of sass and loves to strut around the barn.


Mitsey joined the family in May 2015 from a duck meat farm where she was being fattened to be slaughtered.  Daisy Mae and Mitsey became fast friends.  The two girls can almost always be found hanging out together, they have the occasional spat like most, but like most BFF’s it’s over before it really started.  Originally timid, Mitsey now loves a good stroke down her back.


Harmony was rescued by Meadowlarke Stables students – Kimmy & Jahleela.  They wanted to be able to give a chicken a chance.  The girls went around to local chicken farmers and finally found one willing to sell them a chicken.  This farmer no longer wanted Harmony as she wasn’t laying enough eggs for him, her next stop was to be sold to a company would use her to make chicken soup.  Harmony now lives a great life – hanging out with her BFF Kyra.







Buster and her sister Scotia came to Meadowlarke Stables in 2016, they had lived with a family but had unfortunately begun to urinate in the house and the family opted to give them up.  Buster is a very sweet girl and loves to get attention – but only on her terms.  She can usually be found sleeping in the feed room or sunbathing in the wash stall.  Busters sister Scotia sadly ran away – but on the happy side found a family in her travels and now has a new home!


Celeste is our resident office cat.  She came from the Upper Credit Humane Society – Anthea asked them for the cat that had the least chance of being adopted – which was Celeste.  When she came to Meadowlarke she was drastically over weight, she was unable to jump onto things or even move around easily.  After gong on a diet Celeste is down to a good weight and has become very active.  She loves to chase paper balls that we make for her, and sunbathing in the window well.


Jaida, who was originally a street cat who had been caught, came to us from a lovely lady named Connie.  Jaida is our rodent control at Meadowlarke Stables, she loves to hunt and is extra talented at it.  The only thing Jaida loves more than hunting is Cantaloupe – yes that’s right she loves her melon.  Jaida is a beautiful girl with big eyes and a round face – she looks innocent and cuddle worthy – but don’t let her looks fool you – Jaida should come with a warning sign “cuddle at your own risk”.


Loki came to us from the OSPCA.  Since he arrived he has been a super cool dude.  For the most part he is not overly affectionate, but is always up for a back scratch.  Loki is BFF’s with Ty, the two can often be found cuddled up together in the office, or having a tussle outside.  They are very lucky to have such a great friendship.


Ty came to us as unfortunately the family that had him no longer wanted him as he was a bit of a trouble maker in the house.  Since they day he arrived Everyone has loved Ty.  He is extremely sweet and loves to cuddle, if you bend over to pick something up you may just find him on your back/shoulders before you know it.  Ty loves attention – either from humans or his boyfriend Loki.


Houdini came to us from a Cat Rescue.  He had lived in a colony, and had been adopted out to a family that lived in a condo.  Condo life was not for Houdini, the family returned him to the rescue as they said he went feral on them.  Wanting to give him a more out doorsey life the rescue offered him to us.  Houdini has adapted well to farm life.  He is an odd ball of a cat, he doesn’t quite understand the social ques of humans or the other animals.  Houdini enjoys a good cuddle, and will let you know his level of appreciation with a love bite on your chin.


In Memorium:  Midnight was born in about 1988 and is a dark bay quarter horse cross gelding, and retired from the riding schooling in early 2018.  Midnight had one speed in his career – SLOW – this made him a confidence builder and favorite among most beginners, paired with his laid back personality he was the beginner master.  Don’t let this fool you though, he could and did do more.  Midnight showed a couple of seasons on The Challenge Series and numerous years at the Meadowlarke Schooling Series.  Midnight spent all his free time at South with his buddy Carlos – the pair were fast friends from the time they met and we always kept their stalls close together.   Midnight retired to Meadowlarke North and passed away peacefully a year or so later in December 2019.