Meadowlarke South Summer Schooling Series

Spock 2012

2024 Show Dates

Sunday April 14, 2024 – signup starts Wednesday March 27 at 9am

Sunday June 9, 2024 – signup starts Wednesday May 22 at 9am

Sunday September 22, 2024 – signup starts Wednesday September 4 at 9am

Sunday November 3, 2024 – signup starts Wednesday October 9 at 9am

Year End High Point Awards Presentation to be held at the final competition of the season for 1st to 6th place for each division.  Presentations will be at the completion of each division. A reception will be held in the lounge throughout the day.  There will also be a photo opportunity with your horse.  Riders must compete in at least 2 shows to qualify for year end awards.

How to sign up? – Click Here

Horse show attire for rider & horse? – Click Here

Meadowlarke Stables Schooling Shows are In-House shows offered only to students of Meadowlarke Stables.

Show starts promptly at 9 am

Pre-Starter Division – for riders Beginner level 2- & 2

1. Walk Equitation
2. Walk/Trot Equitation
3. Walk Pattern

Starter Division – for riders level 2 and 2+

4. Walk/Trot Equitation
5. Walk/Trot/Individual Canter Equitation
6. Trot Pattern

Beginner Division – for riders level 3- to 3+

7. Warm-up for Beginner Division (jumping)

8. Walk – Trot – Individual Canter Equitation
9. Equitation Over Fences – 4 – 6 jumps – ‘X’s’ to be taken at trot or canter
10. Equitation Over Fences – 4 – 6 jumps – ‘X’s’ to be taken at trot or canter
11. Horsemanship Command Class

Intermediate Division – Open to riders level 3 & higher – max fence height 18″ verticals

12. Warm-up for Intermediate Division (jumping)

13. Hunter Over Fences
14. Hunter Over Fences
15. Hunter Over Fences
16. Hunter Under Saddle


Competing Legend….

Hunter O/F  –  O/F stands for Over Fences  –  this is a jumping class over a set course

Hunter U/S  –  U/S stands for Under Saddle  – this is a class judged at the walk/trot/canter

What is a Hunter Class
In a Hunter Class, the horse’s jumping style, way of going and general rideability are being  judged.

In Hunter U/S classes the quality of the horses walk, trot and canter are judged as well as their way of going.  Horses that appear relaxed and fluid in their movement with a lower head carriage are preferred.

In Hunter O/F classes the horse’s jumping style and way of going are judged over a set course of jumps.  Other factors include correct striding in the line of  jumps, correct canter leads, good use of the ring & the horses expression.

What is an Equitation Class

In Equitation Classes the rider’s position, control of the horse & turn out are being judged.

Equitation On The Flat classes, the rider is judged while riding their horse at the walk, trot and canter.  How they hold their position at the gaits and control the horse are judged.  Riders may be asked to perform tests to demonstrate their control ie) halts

Equitation O/F riders are judged on their position and control of the horse as they navigate around a set course of jumps.

Meadowlarke Stables Schooling Shows
Rules & Conditions

  • Entry fee: $18.00 per class
  • Warm-up fee: $15.00
  • Office Fee: $25.00 ( non-refundable)
  • Horse Fee: $45.00
  • Entry Cancellation Fee: $25.00 (for entire show cancellations)
  • Practice Ride for Intermediate competitors the night before the show – Fee: $30.00
  • Entry fees will not be refunded after the start of a division
  • Ribbons to 8th place
  • Champion and Reserve ribbons awarded in each division.
  • ASTM/SEI safety approved helmets and proper footwear must be worn.

Meadowlarke Stables Inc., the show committee, it’s trainees, employees, agents and volunteers shall in no way be held responsible for any damage or injury to person or property whileon the grounds of Meadowlarke Stables Inc.


** Meadowlarke Stables Schooling Shows are In-House shows offered only to students of Meadowlarke Stables.