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Early Start Program

Early Start Program

Location Meadowlarke North in Acton.
Each lesson is 60 minutes in length and runs as follows:

1.  Part 1: 15 minutes – in the barn with the Horse Care Teacher.  During this time Early Starters will learn how to properly handle, groom & saddle their horse/pony under the tutelage of the Horse Care Teacher.

2. Part 2: 30 minutes – Private Riding Lesson – in this time students are 1 on 1 with their Instructor; because the lessons are private we can plan and cater the lesson to each student’s individual needs.  Early Start riders will learn to make their horses go forward, halt and steer them around the arena.  The children are also taught on the lunge line ( a long leash for horses ) where the instructor can control the horse while working exercises for the rider to promote better balance & position.

3.  Part 3: 15 minutes – in the barn with the Horse Care Teacher.  Riders will learn how to properly care for their horses after riding.

Ages:  4-7 years old
When:  Please call for lesson times
Duration:  4 sixty minute lessons per month (lessons run on the calendar month)

Proper equipment is mandatory for participation in the program, and can be rented monthly. Equipment can also be purchased from The Equine Emporium, conveniently located on site

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